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The Jeweler's Bounty

Gems of Words, Gems of Stone

26 August 1985

You have happened upon the LJ of Joseph Baum; if you are not willing to risk your sanity, please leave now. (General rush for the doors)

Anyone left?



Well, anyway, to introduce myself, I'm Joseph Baum.


21 years old...


College student, psych major...


Interested in the sciences and


Would you shut up about the cricketing already!?

*crickets quiet*

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes, so, college student, studying (supposedly) for a degree in Psychology and a certification in education. I'm interested in the sciences, all of the sciences, in a generalist way; I have no interest in specializing in any particular field. In terms of hobbies and abilities, they are numerous and rather mundane; I can cook, sew (badly), make jewelery, bake, and read and retain textbook material. Oh, and I write. Actually, I write fanfiction, primarily in the Harry Potter universe, as a means of creative outlet; unfortunately, this outlet is very addictive, and is slowly taking over more and more of my time, as demonstrated by this LJ.

Oh, and as for a:
Fanfic Disclaimer:
All of the characters, plotlines and other ideas derived from the books that served as sources for these fics are the property of the authors of those books, their publishers and their distributors. I claim no ownership thereto. None of the writing on this journal was intended for profit, and no money had been or will be accepted for it.

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