Joseph (bibliophile20) wrote,

Well, that explains something...

Most Literate U.S. Cities

It's an interesting survey, but the part that caught my eye was that, even though Cleveland is not high on the "Overall" list, which is a measure of six different factors, it has the highest library resource ranking of all of them.

So... no wonder I was spoiled by the Cleveland library system when I was younger! Here I thought I was getting average treatment there and grumbling when I find Rochester's library system to be "below par" from what I was used to and now I find out that Cleveland has one of the best library systems in the country! *shakes head* 'Tis funny.

Of course, it makes sense; Cleveland has not one, but two different library systems (although they're getting along better than they used to) and over fifty locations spread across the city between the two of them! (and the nice thing about having two different systems is that you can have your library card maxed out for one system and still take books out from the other system)
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